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So today a man approached me in Nordstrom and said to me “I sure hope you know that the Lord Jesus Christ loves you and he doesn’t want you falling in sin” And I responded “ok” and he said “well I can tell that you take care of yourself a lot, you have a fancy haircut, you have those “gauges”,  I can tell your outfit costs more than my entire wardrobe, you must be gay, and remember that homosexuality is a sin, and I wanna let you know that if you don’t cleanse yourself and get well because homosexuality is a disease that needs medication, and that medication is the lord, if you don’t do anything about it, you will burn in hell son, so I hope you think about my words. I have a son whose 13 years old and I am teaching him to not get the wrong thoughts and realize that he needs to like women, I want the same for you my son, be thankful I am telling you this. Don’t get brainwashed, being a homosexual is a sin” I laughed and responded “I am gay, and I’m very proud so you can fuck off” he said “ROT IN HELL FAGGOT” I laughed and said “I sure hope your son ends up being gay, and there’s nothing wrong with that, karma is a bitch and if I was you, I sure wouldn’t go around the entire mall preaching other people because unlike my polite self, some people will punch the living shit out of you for preaching them nonsense. and “ROT IN HELL FAGGOT” wow I bet God is so proud of you for calling me names and wishing me bad” and I walked away.

If you are afraid of coming out because of people like this, don’t be, be happy and proud of who you really are. I’d rather be discriminated than being unhappy with myself because of hiding my sexuality and dating girls when in reality I know for sure I don’t like the opposite sex. Homosexuality is not a “disease” or a phase. Be proud of who you are.

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